Inbox Dollars Review 2016

Inbox Dollars Review 2016

Inbox Dollars Review 2016 Inbox Dollars Review 2016 – Ive been with Inbox Dollars off and on through the years, I cant remember when I initially started but I remember I was with them in the past and then cancelled my account after my first payment. Then I rejoined it looks like in 2014 and have received one cash payment a year (2014,2015,2016) and by check.

I normally just cash out at the $30 mark, then they take a $3 check processing fee and then they reward me with $3 again to my account do the whole process all over again.

$48.05 Check Completed Jun 20, 2016 Jun 29, 2016
$27.60 Check Completed Jul 24, 2015 Jul 29, 2015
$27.07 Check Completed Apr 29, 2014 May 14, 2014

Just like Swagbucks and MyPoints they pay you to shop, watch videos, offers, surveys, etc..

Now although Ive never really had issues with MyPoints or Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars is kind of annoying.

They take up between 15-30 Days to Credit you. You have to seriously keep track with them the offer name and date you did the offer.

For example I did this silly 75 cent Coke vs Pepsi offer survey and its only been 11 days so I have to wait. The rep did though put in a courtesy request for credit but still. I mean its 75 cents for crying out loud.

Plus their offers never credit when I do them! I just did another $1 survey offer and no credit. So now I have to right down dates and names.

I have been contemplating dropping them the past few days now. But idk if its because of nostalgia or whatever but I want to do my best to work with them and keep them.

They used to have PaidEmails where I would get 1 cent an email I clicked on with their special offer. Now they no longer do that. That is how I built my account up in the past.

Im up $4.62 right now. Ugh its really frustrating. Im trying to find a way to streamline them, find a purpose. I did buy a ZTE Whirl Android Smartphone to play their videos but then their app goes out constantly. So now Im trying to find other ways. Their videos/TV credit the following business day to and you can see the credits/cash pending as well.

I figure the system I can have with them is write down the names & dates and also try to do the smartphone video thing again since the videos/TV seem to credit quickly (or at least the next business day) with no issue.

If you have Inbox Dollars please help me! AHHHH!