2017 52 Week Money Savings Challenge

2017 52 Week Money Savings Challenge

2017 52 Week Money Savings Challenge I know this post maybe a little late, going into February and all : p but the content is still useful and can still be applied since there is 11 more months in the year still! 😀

If you have NO savings this is probably the best place to start. Now some because they feel they have more money at the beginning of the year instead of at the end start from the 52nd week and then go backward. Others save with less. There are multiple ways to do this. There are also bi-weekly challenge for those that get paid bi-weekly and even monthly money challenges. There are no limits with this when it comes to saving.

There are even websites that help you start the challenge. The point is we all need to have at least one savings account for Emergency Funds & Big Purchase/Vacation fund for a big purchase such as a house, car or vacation.

Personally, I would rather have a fat savings account then some random junk from my favorite store. Last year before moving I had the opportunity to rid myself of the majority, probably 75% of the stuff I own. People also need savings as a way to feel secure in case something were to happen because things happen everyday.

I think the best way would probably get rid of all your junk first so that when you do start saving you will have no desire to add more junk into your home. I know that is how I felt after I purged and uncluttered my life. There are rarely things I want to purchase unless I feel like it could benefit or be some use in my life.

I think savings should become a #1 priority for EVERYONE. Keep yourself and your family secure and protect your future.