Tony Robbins Everywhere 2017

Tony Robbins Everywhere 2017

Tony Robbins Everywhere 2017 Tony Robbins Everywhere 2017 – For as long as I can remember I have always big a HUGE fan of Tony Robbins. I think I learned about him in the early 2000s.

I have always wanted to see him live and in person along with Dani Johnson. He is just so inspiring and such a beautiful person inside and out.

I noticed since the end of 2016 he has been everywhere though. First, it began with him having a Documentary on Netflix titled “I am Not Your Guru”.

I have Netflix so of course I watched and was in awe and still wished I could make it to his events.

Then, he has a new CD course featured on HSN titled Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge Peak Performance Program. Which I cannot wait to receive! I even watched the recorded version of him live on air lol! 😀

Now he has a new book out called Unshakeable. Plus, naturally he has been on Oprah off and on.

Also he will be a speaker for Isagenix events as well.

I also love that all or most of his sales are going to Feeding America.

Anyway I am intrigued to why this sudden spurt of publicity and products. Hes typically in the background doing his thing but now Tony Robbins Everywhere in 2017!

Personally, I think its great. I just adore him. He is so positive and inspiring and has helped transform a ton of lives. I really cannot wait to get his CD course his motivation is so uplifting!

Im still delving into his course, its been a slow process with everything else I have been learning. When I do his course I want to really pay attention. But he is by far one of my favorite motivation speakers ever along with Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Dani Johnson, Ray Higdon, Eric Worre etc..