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My Ghetto Planner

My Ghetto Planner

my ghetto planner I have no fancy planner, in fact mine is kind of ghetto lol because I have white ties holding it together since i have it has no 3 punch hole to put inside of the notebook that used to be my daughters, I also have Moana stickers on the front and going to use a black marker and duct tape to write my name on it lol!

There are tons of fancy planners out there, I chose this kind because it was only $10, I do kind of regret getting an 8×11, that is what I had got the past couple of years because I remember some guru said it was better to get that size.

Its kind of impossible to take everywhere with me. I tried one day…instead I just take biz cards for appts and then write them in when I get home. I love having a planner though because I write down appts, biz stuff, cleaning and other errands I have to run daily plus when things expire or are due.

Next year I plan to get an Endless Xpressions A5 Planner, which is one of the companies I make money from selling an assorted items such as leggings, bath bombs, planners, candles etc

So I hope the lesson you can take from this post is I dont recommend 8×11 planners and as long as the planner is functional to your needs it doesnt matter what it looks like 🙂



Dont Give Up Success is Right Around the Corner

Dont Give Up Success is Right Around the Corner

Dont Give Up Success is Right Around the Corner Lets face it. Life is fucking hard and setup that way. So when you push against the grain, against the 9-5, against conforming in pursuit of your dreams life pushes back.

There will be obstacles and you will want to cry, scream, feel frustrated, have failure. But you whats worse than failure? Giving up.

Im sure you’re wondering then WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT?? We were brought into this world conditioned to be oppressed and only very few break through. There will be growing pains but in the end it will make you better at your mind and your skills if you stay motivated and follow through with your goals.

Where do you want to be 5 years from now? In the same miserable position you are now? Or living the life you have dreamed of. You have to keep going as much as it hurts, you were meant for greater things and YOU KNOW IT or else you wouldnt have started!

You want to be a great artist? Keep painting, sell on Etsy, take art classes to improve your skills, contact 10+ Art Galleries a day to see if they will see your work, You will get nos, sometimes you wont get sales, maybe the new art skill will not work for your style. KEEP TRYING!

You want to be an Olympic Swimmer. Swim everyday, exercise everyday. TRAIN EVERYDAY.

You made the decision now you need to make the commitment till you are successful.