My Ghetto Planner

My Ghetto Planner

my ghetto planner I have no fancy planner, in fact mine is kind of ghetto lol because I have white ties holding it together since i have it has no 3 punch hole to put inside of the notebook that used to be my daughters, I also have Moana stickers on the front and going to use a black marker and duct tape to write my name on it lol!

There are tons of fancy planners out there, I chose this kind because it was only $10, I do kind of regret getting an 8×11, that is what I had got the past couple of years because I remember some guru said it was better to get that size.

Its kind of impossible to take everywhere with me. I tried one day…instead I just take biz cards for appts and then write them in when I get home. I love having a planner though because I write down appts, biz stuff, cleaning and other errands I have to run daily plus when things expire or are due.

Next year I plan to get an Endless Xpressions A5 Planner, which is one of the companies I make money from selling an assorted items such as leggings, bath bombs, planners, candles etc

So I hope the lesson you can take from this post is I dont recommend 8×11 planners and as long as the planner is functional to your needs it doesnt matter what it looks like 🙂