About Me

mepicMy name is Jackie, I am an Entrepreneur and Blogger. I have been doing GPT since 2005. (My previous blogs for GPT Blog 1 and Blog 2).

Im a single mom and have been working from home since 2012 as House Manager & Pet Sitter and sometimes a Nurse Assistant.

What is GPT you ask?

Basically you Get Paid To do online searches, shopping, watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, doing offers etc.

Companies like Swagbucks give us incentives to try 3rd party products and services, in turn sometimes the third party gets a new customer. For example I purchased a third party service (it was Vonage) years ago to obtain a free laptop. I actually wanted and kept the service for 3 years after. You get paid to try products and services.

A great example is I purchased Bluehost hosting to start this blog and in turn I get paid from Swagbucks for trying the service. Its a win-win-win. Swagbucks get paid by the third party then we get paid by Swagbucks and then the third party gets a new customer (sometimes).

Initially I did GPT to where you get Referrals but after sometime you kind of dont want to depend on Referrals when you can just do the work yourself. Although there are options for both.

Anyway you can contact me anytime with your questions 🙂