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Updates on Programs themselves and how I am using the Programs etc

Daily GPT Routine for Earning Rewards Gift Cards Money

Daily GPT Routine for Earning Rewards Gift Cards Money

Daily GPT Routine for Earning Rewards Gift Cards Money My Daily GPT Routine for Earning Rewards Gift Cards Money consists of mostly with Swagbucks, MyPoints, PerkTV and sometimes AppBounty.

First thing I do is open up my gmail and click on daily tasks folder where all my MyPoints emails go, I click on each one and look at the Offers. The emails are worth 5 Points each. I also get points for MyPoints when I do surveys at BzzAgent.

Then I hop on over to Swagbucks and on their homepage on the left side I do their DAILY TO DO LIST which consists of Daily Poll, Daily Crave, Daily Search, Daily Watch, Daily Discover, Daily Answer and Deal of the Day.

IF you click on them all and complete a task on each you earn 1 SB. Then when you do 6 out of the 7 Daily To do Tasks you earn an additional 2 SBS. Sometimes more if they have a Promotion. Just recently they did if you did 6 out of 7 you get 7 SBs instead of 2 SBs.

Then I try to do some Surveys and see what good deals they have on Offers at the moment. Sometimes you qualify for Surveys sometimes you dont. Sometimes the offers Credit Instantly and sometimes they dont. Depending on the Offer it will show up as pending on your account under your My SBs such as the Bluehost Offer I did yesterday. If it does not show up as credited instantly or pending then you will need to send in a ticket to Swagbucks.

Right now at this moment I am in between Surveys and Offers while writing this blog post and doing all of this on my horribly cheap Acer Laptop.

During all of this on my RCA Tablet I am running my Perk TV App. I am already close to a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Basically watching trailers for apps, movies or very popular videos.

At night when I am reading or watching a movie or TV show on Netflix or Amazon Prime, on my HTC Smartphone I will do App Bounty which consists of downloading apps for points to get Amazon gift cards as well. I am almost at $5 Amazon gift card as well.

I havent yet cashed out at Perk TV or App Bounty yet so I am going to cash out at the minimum of the $5 Amazon.

My next post will be about the strategy I am forming to max out all programs and maybe joining another. 🙂

What GPT programs do you do?





Intro to

Intro to

Intro to Intro to My name is Jackie, you can learn more about me personally here.

Intro to is a blog about my earnings with GPT Sites. GPT Sites pay you to do almost everything, just like my tagline states. “Get Paid to Search the Web, Do Surveys, Offers, Play Games, Watch Videos, Shop etc NO REFERRALS NEEDED and can be done from your SmartPhone!”

I will be posting offer updates as well as my payouts from various GPT programs I am in.

I like doing these because no referrals are needed and its extra money. I have cashed out for amazon, paypal and sometimes retail or dining gift cards.

The last two things I cashed out from Swagbucks was amazon for telecommuting equipment and paypal to pay down my credit card.

I also enjoy this type of work because I have no set schedule from any company and I can cash out when I am ready.

My current goal is $200-$400 a month with one program or combined programs.

The programs I am currently using are Swagbucks, MyPoints, Inbox Dollars, AppBounty and Perk TV. I will also be adding or removing programs if necessary.

My main program is Swagbucks. I have been with them since 2008. I have made over $500 with them working the program off and on. Now I am more active I plan to earn that much or more within a month or so.

I hope you stick with me on my journey and start earning too! 😀